Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Getting Ready

No it's not getting ready for Christmas but to go to Walsingham for my annual retreat.Yesterday was my day off and I enjoyed very much reading the new Papal Encyclical Spe Salvi.The Holy Father outlines false hopes that arose from fallen humanity like Communism and establishes with great clarity and gentleness that the only true hope for all is only found in Christ the fullness of revelation. It speaks to us Christians in that we need to be agents of hope, it speaks of collective rather than indiviual salvation. It teaches that hope flows from prayer. The encyclical ends by an eschatological reflection and a prayer to Mary coming from the heart of the Pontiff. This document really edified me, there is so much to learn from it and it really provides a lot of food for thought. It really is a gift by the Pontiff for this Advent and Christmas that will leave a mark beyond that.
Twelve people turned for the Morning Mass which was followed by Rosary. As it is Advent we meditated upon the Joyful Mysteries. Fr Mark had to hurry off to school after Mass to lead the weekly assembly which was about Advent. All the children in school got an Advent Calendar to take with them home. Later on this week they will all be given a copy of the Parish Magazine. Fr Mark and I met again after Assembly and church to finalise our Order of Service for the Confirmation; it is now ready for printing. We spoke briefly about the run up for Christmas and beyond.
I need to pack my bags now, I hope to drop a line or two when I come back from Walsingham.

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