Thursday, 20 December 2007

Nativity Play

Less words and more pictures today. The run up for Christmas is a very exciting time. Mass booklets for all the Christmas services are ready and we now look forward to live the Christmas story once more.
On Monday Fr Mark and I were invited for our school's Christmas lunch; complete with turkey and stuffing. It was a real treat for us as I am sure it was for all the pupils.
Tuesday was the Carol Service for the residents at the Alpine Residential Home. Fr Mark led this act of worship pleased that almost all the residents joined in.
Tuesday was also the day for our school's Nativity play, well done to all those who took part, sung and played the instruments. Well done to all those who worked hard to achieve such a good result. The Church welcomed parents, families and members of our congregation to support our pupils. Here are some pictures taken by the editor of our Parih Magazine, Mrs Cheesman.

The Annunciation

The Holy Family

Wise Men and Shepherds join forces to sing God's praises!

The Cast

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