Monday, 7 January 2008

The Epiphany of the Lord

What a glorious day we had yesterday. The lovely blue skies paved the way for the festival on the way to church to celebrate the early Mass, there was even a shiny star in the distance, well Bethlehem is a long way away from Sevenoaks. We had some chalk blessed after the Mass and all were ever so happy to take a piece and do some Anglo-Catholic Graffiti by their doors. Above you can see the inscription next to the Vicarage door.

The Vicarage Epiphany Crib

Fr Mark came in good time and we shared Lauds together at 9am. We had a very good turn out for the Sung Mass. At the introit we stopped next to the Epiphany Crib for its blessing and all the Sunday School children came around to help me in that. After the Gospel we had the Solemn proclamation of Easter. A very moving part of the Liturgy which is sung to the tone of the Easter Exultet. It is there to show the link between the Cycle of the Incarnation and that of Easter. Just before Communion we had three members of the congregation instituted as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. They will now help in the administration of communion during Mass and may be called to take communion to the sick and dying. During the notices Lindsay and Carol were congratulated for the wonderful evening they organised the night before - the Parish Panto - you can see some pictures below. The Panto had a cast of 37 members and a full hall to support their achievment. The evening ended with a very tasty meal.

After the notices more chalk was blessed and taken for the inscription on the doorposts. The MC did a wonderful inscription next to the Church door.

After my usual Sunday Hospital Communions we had an evening reflection on Epiphany which ended with Benediction. We used the Common Worship celebration for Epiphany which explores the three events celebrated on Epiphany: the arrival of the Magi, the wedding in Cana and the Baptism of the Lord. The evening service worked extremely well and I do recommend it.

And now on this feast day of St Raymond of Penyafort OP I ask his intercession for a new week working in this wonderful vineyard of the Lord.
Pictures from the Parish Panto

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