Friday, 1 February 2008

Almost there...

We are now standing on the treshold of our Year of Grace. Just as Mary stood by the Temple door carrying Jesus in her hands, so shall we tomorrow stand in our holy temple and carry the light that dispells all darkness.

The preparation work was long but joyful. The sacristy is ready for the big day. Choir members are busy getting not just the music to perfection but also the spread for afterwards. In fact the choir will be using music that was composed during the last 150 years, both for the Mass and for the entertainment in the hall afterwards. The new web site will be launched and people will be able to view it on a big screen. Congratulations to the web team: Carol Cheesman, David and Carole Bonner and Claudia Aquilina. They have done a fantastic job. Keep an eye tomorrow night, be one of the first to visit:

I post some pictures of our sacristy ready for the morning Mass, also the register all prepared for tomorrow and the view from the sacristy window overlooking the Vicarage.

I hope to be able to upload info about the special evening as soon as possible.

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