Monday, 9 June 2008

Friday was the normal routine of Lauds, Mass, Hospital visit, home communions, Holy Hour and Office of Readings, Vespers and Benediction. The pew sheet was set and printed and all the sheets for Sunday Mass made ready. Roger was busy finishing the plinth of Our Lady and it was brought back to church in the early afternoon.

On Saturday, after Lauds and Mass, Richard and Graham spent their Saturday in church, making sure that all the things agreed to are carried out. There is still more work to be done, but as you can see from the photos things are coming together. Others too came to help and I am truly grateful.

Fr Mark presided over the Early Mass, and after we greeted the congregation Fr Mark had to go to St Mary’s Swanley where he celebrated and preached for their High Mass. Lauds, choir practice, Parish Mass followed by coffee went really well and many where those people who commented positively on the new arrangements.

In the afternoon we went to visit a family from the congregation. Their hospitality was great! Other matters followed that sadly prevented me from joining Fr David Herbert in celebrating his 40th of priesthood. This blog is grateful for his fruitful ministry and wishes him: “Ad multos annos”

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