Sunday, 1 June 2008

IX Sunday in Ordinary Time

It is nice to be back in the Parish. Last evening, with the help of my wife and Fr Mark, everything was put in place after the morning work of Richard and Graham in removing what we sought to remove by faculty. Work is still in progress, but from these photographs you can have a glimpse of what it is going to look like.
The day started with the early mass, the time before is always so refreshing as it gives space for silent prayer that helps the expectation of the celebration. Fr Mark and I shared Lauds and had everything in readiness for Mass with the Baptism of Isobel. Her grandfather preached an excellent sermon and the family brought cakes and wine to share with everyone after Mass.
Quick lunch and visit to the hospital where one of the patients was reciting the rosary. Faith does make a huge difference, the way he accepts his illness is edifying.
After hospital I visited the house in whose back garden was the Shrine of Our Lady of Greatness and its Holy Well. The spring is still there and thanks be to God the nice husband and wife who live there were very pleased to learn about the history and holiness of their back garden. They are even kind enough to allow us to go in their garden to take some photographs.Back to church to do some more work and then to home. My son just came back from cricket, it was his first time with the St John’s cricket team, we lost but all had a good time.

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