Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Last night saw our fifth session of Credo 08. The section of the creed looked at was: “he descended into hell; the third day he rose again.” To lead us in this we had Canon Martin Warner. The large number of people that supported this were definitely not disappointed. The speaker was brilliant. Fr Martin used Art, Archaeology, History, Mythology and Theology to look at the understanding of this basic truth of the Faith. Everyone was enthused by the talk. All of us are really grateful for Fr Martin’s exceptional contribution.
The week so far was very pleasant. Yesterday was my day off and I enjoyed some time in London, as friends say, to get the London fix.
Apart from the usual round of services I enjoyed visiting the Age Concern Day Centre and a meeting with our Headteacher as we plan for the next academic year, during which I will be doing some RE teaching. I have also been looking at 2009 which following our Year of Grace will be our Year of Mission, which ties in nicely with the Pauline Year, St Paul being the model for all missions. I hope that a full programme will be available in the late autumn. The Year of Mission will enable us to form a Parish Vision for the following years.
Back to the Year of Grace our next event is now our Festival on Sunday 22 June at 6.30pm when the Bishop of Whitby will preside and preach. The music for the Mass will be Haydn, the anthem is a composition from the pen of our own director of music. An orchestra will be present for the Mass and a big party to follow.
Tomorrow we have the Open Day at school. I hope to be able to produce an update on that event.

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