Friday, 18 July 2008

Life is very hard for Augustine, the Vicarage cat!

Lauds and a well attended Mass opened this day. The noble army of church cleaners and flower ladies started work immediately after Mass. These dedicated people keep the church spotless and beautify it by the talents they have.
After Mass I went to do the rounds of home communions and hospital visit. An elderly lady, one of the patients, enjoyed sharing with me her passion towards art and some experiences of an Art School that she ran, a marvellous and inspirational story. She explains the inspiration to paint as being caught up in the creative act of God, this enables the artist to portray what words will never be able to describe with justice, just like poetry- she ends. Wow!
Quick lunch break – sandwich and a fizzy drink – and back to church for Sacred Space. I enjoy spending quiet time in front of the Most Blessed. I wondered if that sacred and silent space in front of the Lord (Coram Domini) is also being caught up as that gentle lady described, I think so. I offered the Rosary for all of us Anglo-Catholics who are realising the implications of the vote of General Synod more and more as time goes by. It is by no means a good time, but it is a time that God is placing us in. A time to reflect and ponder silently to see what the Lord is saying to us. And speaking He is, and working He is. I sense that we are coming together, supporting each other more than ever before. It is a time of trial, and therefore purification, and that prepares us to serve Him better than ever before.
I received a note from FiF telling me that there is a surge in numbers in the Rochester Diocese FiF membership – and many of those are from the Sevenoaks area! I give thanks to God that people are heeding to the appeal of last Sunday, we are coming together indeed.
Office of Readings and Vespers at 3.30pm concluded by Benediction, a fitting opening to the week end. Barry and Angela brought a nice pedestal in church that belonged to Barry’s mother – Margaret - recently departed. Margaret was a member of this congregation and it is fitting that we have something that belonged to her as part of the new shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.
The Walsingham altar was prepared fro Mass tomorrow (Our Lady on Saturday), and Stuart was busy in the Parish Office preparing the pew sheets and intercession list for Sunday.
Tomorrow morning the Parish embarks on a new venture called “First Words”. Parents and toddlers are invited for breakfast and an opportunity to meet outside the context of Sunday morning worship. We will also have an opportunity for prayer. Jackie, the leader, and this new venture are very much in my prayers and am looking forward to this new blessing.

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