Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Yesterday was taken up by the volume of correspondence and the final touches on the booklet for Holy Cross Day.
It is good to be back, and refreshing to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice and pray the Offices at St. John’s.
The sense now is of a new beginning, the old habit of being a teacher does not die out. What is ahead is challenging and exciting: the last half of the Year of Grace, the planning for the following year, and the massive challenge thrown at us by General Synod who has decided that we should go, but we are not! Loyalty to Christ means facing the challenge and fighting the fight in humility and aided by prayer while seeing the new ways to which the Holy Spirit is calling us, as Cardinal Kasper said: the new Oxford movement.
On Monday, a group from St John’s went to Walsingham for the pilgrimage of the sick. Our servers animated the liturgy. Below are the pictures.
While in Malta, among other things I have secured some precious fabrics to be made as tabernacle veils. Mother in law was very busy shaping and finishing them. Biretta tip to her. Below are pictures of our new veils.

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Andrew Teather said...

Wonderful veils, particularly the green.