Sunday, 10 August 2008

XIX Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today marks the 1750th anniversary from the martyrdom of St Laurence. The old city of Birgu has its Parish dedicated to this heroic saint, who met a very cruel death rather than negotiate his faith. Below are some pics from the festival, but before Fr Mark writes from Sevenoaks:

8am had 11 communicants. Francis joined me for lauds and we checked all ready for the Mass
10am had 75 communicants, 22 children and four adults who received a blessing. All went well and there was a good atmosphere which became a little sombre as people heard about the death of Harry Bonner. Many people showed their support for David and Carole over coffee afterwards. Great to be approached after the service by a lady asking about having her baby baptised which followed on from another phone call in the week from a mother from the school asking about baptism for her three children. One communion this afternoon to round of a good day.


Gregory of Langres said...

Right, I am going to Malta for my holiday next year.

Fr. Jeffrey Steel said...

Me too! Great photos. Keep them coming.

Fr. Jeffrey Steel said...

I was also wondering if there is a place that will house my large family (six children)? When is the best time to go?