Sunday, 31 August 2008

XXII Sunday in Ordinary Time

What a great joy it was to be back in the Parish for the Sunday liturgies.
Early Mass was very well attended with new faces too. I said Lauds on my own as Fr Mark today has a family engagement. Choir practiced the anthem and the hymns and the church quickly filled for the Parish Mass. It was a joy to meet people afterwards and catch up with many. Whilst Roy was busy clearing the sacristy, I met the churchwardens and had a very productive short meeting looking at the months ahead. We also spoke about the new windows to be installed later this year (picture of one of the two below). The faculty request for them is almost secured.Today every member of the electoral roll has been sent a letter signed by the Vicar and Churchwardens about affiliating the Parish to Forward in Faith. A copy of that letter will be posted on this blog.
Claudia spent the afternoon updating the website and at 4pm I left to visit the hospital. It is always a great delight to minister to the staff and patients.
As we look forward to this new week, we continue to entrust our ministry to Our Lord. It is a blessing to serve in a parish which is growing in all directions, a happy parish with a very committed congregation, a congregation that is also growing on the internet. It was just yesterday that I received a letter from a husband and wife that I hold in high esteem saying that they feel like virtual members of this congregation. To them and to others like them we offer our welcome, give thanks for their support and promise them our prayer.

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