Thursday, 30 October 2008

The splendid opening of the sesquicentenary events promises a very good festival indeed. Although it was a miserable stormy night many people braved the weather to come for the opening. Our guest of honour was Andy Garland from BBC Kent who at eleven minutes past eight officially opened the exhibition. We were also honoured with the presence of our Lady Mayor. Andy pitched an excellent speech about how communication weaves the community together. The exhibition is about the life of our parish in the last 150 years and shows how much St John's is rooted in the community.
Well done Marigold and Carol for organising this excellent exhibition. Enjoy the pictures!

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Andrew Teather said...

All that and altar cards as well! Which language were they in, Latin or English? I would be interested in knowing if you use the respective rite occasionally or if they were just for the purposes of the exhibition? Thanks, Andrew.