Sunday, 30 November 2008

Advent I

Happy New Year! As we start afresh in our exploration of the Mystery of Christ I wish all readers of this blog every blessing in the common discipleship that we have. Walking in the footsteps of Christ is a journey of joy and courage, Christianity is not for the fainthearted. With the grace of God and in prayer we enter into deeper levels of intimacy with Christ. This will enable us to prepare our hearts to be both a manger and a throne for him to dwell and reign.
Advent here has not brought any good weather, it is a grey and dull day however the liturgy gave it the necessary colour and the community spirit was not dampened at all.
Early Mass is always a quiet and reflective liturgy, I enjoyed the conversations afterwards. For this Mass a wonderfully embroidered fiddleback chasuble was used, its use restricted only for the Advent season, I hope to post a picture of it shortly for those out there who like to see these beautiful objects.
After Lauds there was some time available for prayer and the rest taken with getting ready for the sung Mass. Two of the Sunday School members came up to light our first Advent Candle. The Advent hymns are really powerful and I think all of us enjoyed singing our recessional hymn: Lo! He comes with clouds discending.
This was followed by that equally holy time of coffee which brings together all of us. Once again I enjoyed the conversations and the two stalls we had, one selling Christmas cards for the a charity and the other laiden with goodies prepared by the Servers for their appeal.
This afternoon at 4pm we shall have Advent Vespers with reflection by Mr Rob Smith, to which many are looking forward.
Although this blog will be one year old on Wednesday it was on Advent I that it was launched. I hope that those kind enough of you to have followed it have enjoyed sharing the whole of the Chritian Year with us and I hope and pray that, under God, we may continue to share our life as a parish with you during this new Liturgical Year. We count on your prayers.
Below is a picture of the new carpet at the Walsingham Altar, the generous offer of a loyal member of St John. Thank you. Also a picture of the All Souls altar with another carpet for it.

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