Sunday, 2 November 2008

All Souls' Day

Today we keep the solemn commemoration of the all the Faithful departed. Here at St John's we celebrate the three traditional masses for the dead.

The first Mass was at 8am. After Lauds we had a Solemn High Mass, after the creed we commemorated those who have died during the past year and those whose names were written on the lists at the back of church. We also remembered the benefactors and founders of this church. After Mass we all processed to the garden of Remembrance for its blessing. It was great to catch up with many different people after Mass!
The third mass is tonight at 5pm.

The exhibition is still open and it is generating considerable interest.
This week end was a very good start for our celebrations. Please do keep us in your prayers as we celebrate our sesquicentenary.

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