Sunday, 21 December 2008

Advent IV (iii)

A well attended early Mass was followed by Lauds. Today we had an eastward facing High Mass. Being the shortest day of the year the Church acclaims Christ as the Rising Sun, the light of justice. As the sun rises from the east what better Sunday can there be to have a Mass facing East?
Our preacher today was Mr Michael Payne. His fine sermon will be posted here as soon as it arrives.
After Mass our young people prepared boxes of fruit and took them to the patients at our hospital. We also took with us a Parish diary and some splendid hand made Christmas cards made by the pupils of Sevenoaks County Primary. At the hospital we were greeted by the Matron who came on purpose to welcome us! Thank you.
We then went round the 24 beds and spoke to the patients. They apprciated very much our visit and the goodies we left behind.

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