Saturday, 20 December 2008

After Lauds and Mass with the exciting gospel of the Annunciation and the Antphon: O Clavis David, Fr Mark and I set up the books and vestments for tomorrow. Later on Frances will set up all the requisites for the Sung Mass. The church cleaners came in to get the church ready for the joys of the coming days. They really work hard to keep our church spotless, how fortunate we are to have such a dedicated group ably led by David and Margaret. (Picture above) The church cleaners all came to the Vicarage today for some drinks and nibbles and I had the opportunity to thank them. Whilst all the cleaning was going on First Words met in the hall led by Jackie and fed by John, see pictures below. The attendance was excellent and it seems that all had a good time.

John, our organist, today had the task of feeding us - thanks!

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