Wednesday, 10 December 2008

At the moment I am putting the final touches on a little talk that I look forward to share with several young men who are thinking about priesthood. This activity will span all Saturday and is organised by the Forward in Faith vocations’ group and supported by the Catholic Societies. It will take place in London.
I feel honoured to be called to work alongside these young men, and many others, as they seek to discern the will of God.
It is our joyful duty to pray for more vocations to the sacred priesthood especially for our young men who are offering themselves in a difficult time. Some of them find a hostile environment rather then encouragement.
I know of a young man who is thinking about priesthood. Recently he took part in an event organised by a local organisation. He happened to be sitting next to this man who introduced himself as a vicar of a nearby church. This young man shared with him his hope of becoming a priest. This vicar asked the name of his parish. As soon as the vicar realised that the parish of this young man is an Anglo-Catholic one he was not only rude but also turned aggressive suggesting that this young man should think it very seriously before committing himself to a part of the church that is dying!
I will not stoop low and comment on this, but you see why these young men need our prayers, support and encouragement.
We need to stand up for Jesus, and as it has been many times suggested: “No desertion – no surrender!”

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The Archer of the Forest said...

Well, as they say in the part of the American South where I grew up, "Preach the Good Word, Brother!"