Saturday, 27 December 2008

The five who spoke out

+ Durham

+ Winchester

+ Carlisle

+ Manchester

+ Hulme

This blog applauds the bishops of Durham, Winchester, Carlisle, Manchester and Hulme for their stance in favour of those who are suffering and especially those hit by the credit crunch and endorses their claim that this government is “morally suspect and beguiled by money”. At long last other bishops, apart from the usual ones, are taking a stand and there is open mention of Morality.
In June I read the document commissioned by the Bishop of Hulme called Moral, But No Compass. It was a document/report based on mainly interviews that amongst its findings listed that the present government has marginalised the Church. What a strange claim to make, do we expect any government to be the Church’s PA? If the Church wants to hold the respect and attention of any nation then it needs to be faithful to Christ. Period, as our cousins’ across the pond would say.
Although bishops are very good at marginalising those in the church who stand up for Jesus they know from their own experience that in front of true faith no politics will ever work, from code of practices to whole parliaments. Maybe, just maybe, these five bishops are taking stock of this, or is this just a false dawn?

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