Friday, 19 December 2008

Magnificent day indeed! I had time for meditation and Rosary before Lauds which was followed by Mass. As soon as Mass ended, eager parents and relatives of pupils at Key Stage Two of Sevenoaks County Primary started filling the Church. By 10.30am the Church was packed. A Carol was sung and I welcomed everyone in Church and spoke about the meaning of Christmas. The highly organised programme went well, the singing was great and the reading excellent, they really did us proud! Well done and thanks for the parents and especially their generosity towards a worthy cause.
When all left for school I went down to hospital and finalised arrangements with Matron about our BOBs visiting the hospital on Sunday and taking with them boxes of fruit and the cards prepared by the Sevenoaks County Primary. I also enjoyed visiting the patients, one of them speaking about the tranquillity that the Lord grants him amid all the suffering he has to endure. I was really moved and walking up the hill could not stop giving thanks to God for granting such experience to this patient. I also stopped for a brief chat with someone who was at the Carol Service and he was really grateful for the joy it gave him. I think all thanksgiving is due to God but I must thank Mrs Baker and Ms Wheawall for their diligence and organisation – thanks for the witness you give with so much joy!
Photos of the Sevenoaks Primary Service are above.
After hospital I had a quick lunch bought from the corner shop and opened the church for the Clary’s to change the dead lamps. By two we had more parents and the pupils of our own school who also did us all proud. We even had a Christmas Carol in Polish sung to us by the Polish pupils of our school, it was good to see the other pupils join in – well done. Thanks also to our own Jackie who really worked hard towards this. The service concluded with a reflection from Fr Mark and I imparted the blessing. (Pictures taken by Carol below)
When all had gone Fr Mark and I set up for Office of Readings and Vespers in front of the Most Blessed exposed ending with Benediction. It was good to have time with Our Lord in silence.
Back home some messages and several cards. I am always amazed at the kindness of so many people who take time to send the Christmas wishes to my family and myself. Time for some admin and I need to call it a day, many exciting things coming up tomorrow, as always I shall keep you posted.

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