Wednesday, 17 December 2008

O Wisdom, which camest out of the mouth of the most High, and reachest from one end to another, mightily and sweetly ordering all things: Come and teach us the way of prudence.

As we continue in the Christmas Novena with all the busy time of getting ready I hope and pray that all of us can find time for our spiritual preparation, a time of prayer and reflection so that both body and soul can celebrate this great feast day of God’s mercy with joy and devotion.
Today we enter the privileged ferias of Advent, the intensive preparation for Christmas when the Church puts in front of us the O Antiphons, getting their name from their first word. Today we contemplate Jesus as the Wisdom coming out from the mouth of God and implore him to come and lead us in gentleness and strength and teach us truth. In fact in a world living on scraps of information and many half truths, more then ever humanity needs Christ who told us himself that he is the truth, not a truth equal to others but the one and only truth. That is his claim and that is what his true followers really uphold. His truth will not turn us against those who do not hold it, his truth will with its gentleness and strength enable us to love them, encourage them and by our witness make them think and lead them to the openness of accepting the invitation from Christ the Word of God made flesh.
Last Monday our PCC met to consider the Fan the Flame mission, the discussion was healthy and open and there is a clear and vote in order for us to move it on the next PCC agenda to see what our next step will be. Keep us in your prayers please as we seek the Holy Spirit to show us the way on how to renew our discipleship and to enable us to form a vision for our immediate future.
Yesterday was my day of rest. Although I am nursing a mild cold I enjoyed doing some reading and have time to reflect and prepare for the feast of the Incarnation.
After Lauds and Mass in which the O Antiphon was proclaimed sung I went home where the Parish Administrator is busy printing booklets for Christmas and other administrative work. This afternoon Carol will print more Parish Magazines, the 300 copies have all gone and Christmas is still a week ahead. After Vespers Fr Mark will visit the scouts to invite them for the Christingle service and I will have some pastoral meetings. Christine is busy putting together the new frontal for the High Altar and many more are involved in making sure that our Christmas is a splendid one. I know that the choir is working hard for the Carol Service on Sunday and many are looking forward to that annual treat.

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