Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Proclaiming Him unto their death.

“Agenzia Fides” has today published the list of those who have been killed while engaged in missionary activity. The total number is 20. One was an Archbishop, sixteen priests, one religious and two lay missionaries.
Nine of those murdered hail from Asia, five in India, one each from Iraq, Sri Lanka, Kazakhastan and the Fillipines.
Six hail from the Americas, two from Mexico and one each from Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Ecuador.
Three from Africa, one each from Kenya, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Two hail from Europe, one from England and the other from France.
Of these twenty, eight have been killed in Asia, four in India and one each in the Fillipines, Iraq, Sri Lanka and the Nepal.
Five have been killed in America, two in Mexico and one each in Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil.
Another five have been murdered in Africa, two in Kenya and one each in Guinea Conakri, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Two have been murdered in Europe, both in Russia.

These are the names:
1. Fr. Pedro D. Orellana Hidalgo (50), killed on January 6 in Caracas (Venezuela).
2. Fr Jesus Reynaldo Roda OMI (55), killed on January 15 in Tabawan (Philippines).
3. Fr. Michael K. Ithondeka (42), killed on January 26 in Nakuru (Kenya)
4. Bro. Joseph Douet Francia SG (62), killed on April 8 in Katako (Guinea C.)
5. Fr. Brian Thorp of the Missionaries of Mill Hill (77), killed on April 9 at Lamu (Kenya)
6. Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho of Mosul (65), killed around March 13 in Mosul (Iraq)
7. Fr. Mariampillai Xavier Karunaratnam, killed on April 20 in Ambalkulam (Sri Lanka)
8. Fr Julio Cesar Mendoza Acuma (33), killed on May 2 in Mexico City
9. Fr. Johnson Moyalan SDB (60), killed on July 1in Sirsia (Nepal)
10. Fr Jaime Ossa Toro (71), killed on August 13 in Medellin (Colombia)
11. Fr. Thomas Pandippallyil OC (38), killed on August 16 in Mosalikunta (India)
12. Fr. Nilson José Brasiliano (44), killed on August 24 in Tieté (Brazil)
13. Fr John Mark Ikpiki (43), killed on September 1 in Isiokolo (Nigeria)
14. Fr. Gerardo Manuel Miranda Avalos (45), killed on September 2 in Los Reyes (Mexico)
15. Fr. Samuel Francis (60), killed around September 20 in Chota Rampur (India)
16. Ms Mercy Bahadur, killed around September 20 in Chota Rampur (India)
17. Fr Bernard Digal (45), killed on October 28 in Chennaio (India)
18 Fr Otto Messmer SJ (47), killed between October 27/28 in Moscow (Russia)
19 Fr Victor Betancourt SJ(42), killed between October 27/28 in Moscow (Russia)
20 Mr Boduin Ntamenya (52), killed on December 15 in Rutshuru (D.R.Congo)

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