Wednesday, 21 January 2009

After School Mass I met our Parish Administrator who was busy preparing more booklets that we need for liturgies that are coming up. We also had time to discuss events that are being planned.
At 12.30pm a goodly crowd assembled for Mid-day Office. This was well supported by our congregation. Marigold not only stood in as organist but also made sure that a wonderful spread was ready was afterwards. Many different denominations were represented and all had a good time.
After this I had a meeting with one of our Pastoral Assistants. We looked at the good work she is carrying out in different spheres of the Parish. We also spoke about plans for the near future. Actually at this time there are a lot of seeds being planted in our Parish life. Yesterday we had an upbeat PCC meeting in which we looked at the challenges we face but also at the opportunities that we want to grasp. Among other things we also discussed home visiting and the Pilgrim image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, about this in another post. The PCC has also seen the memorial for Fr Pharaoh which arrived in the post earlier on the same day.
After Vespers today I had a meeting at our school regarding staff. It is good to see that we are attracting some very good teachers who are very happy at our school.
A significant part of our ministry is dedicated to two schools, one that belongs to this Parish and one that is developing links with us. Last Monday over 70 pupils from this school came to church to learn about the Mass. One hour and ten minutes, you could hear a pin drop. One of them was volunteered to put on all the Mass vestments. It was lovely to hear them say as in unison that the Mass is all about Jesus! And so it is indeed and how wonderful if our lives were really like the Mass too.

The Parish Official Photographer spotted the local paparazzi

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