Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tonight saw our penultimate session of Credo 08. The section of the creed was: “…the resurrection of the body.”
Fr Trevor Jones SSC from St Peter’s London Docks came to lead us in this reflection. This truth of our faith is one that we recite every Sunday but it is one that we might think the least about and yet we do so at our own detriment. This phrase speaks about the hope against all hope that even from the dust and ashes God will renew our fragile body into a glorified one in his new creation.
We are all grateful to Fr Jones for the wonderful exposition that he gave us and we have a lot to ponder upon in the coming days.
A member of the congregation pointed to me that he was impressed with all speakers and also the one on this night, it brought to him the realisation of the quality of Anglo-Catholic priests. Indeed a fact to celebrate. Thank you Fr Jones!

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