Sunday, 8 February 2009

Roger, our reader, was the preacher today in both the well attended Masses. He gave us a masterly exposition of the Gospel reading, outlining our discipleship and service and our life of prayer. At the end of High Mass four young members of our choir received medals with different coloured ribbons as reward for their achievements. Well done – you really deserved the warm applause you got!
The congregation has been very generous towards the Custody of the Holy Land Gaza appeal and in two Sundays we collected over £800 – thanks!
In the afternoon I made my usual visit to hospital. It is a great privilege to be there for the staff and the patients. I spoke today to someone who is thinking about volunteering to those in need abroad, prayed with someone who is over a 100 years old and to a northern European lady who as a young child was taken with her family to Siberia, from there managed to escape and penniless joined the British forces in WWII, served in Mosul and at a hospital in Nazareth where the Matron realised that she had gifts and led her to take her GCSE’s or equivalent in Nazareth in 1946. What a story!

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Middlemarch said...

Good to see my old verger in the photo! Can you ask him to send an email to me

I've not had a chance to chew the fat with him lately.

Cheers Father.

John Tee