Thursday, 5 March 2009

In Parish Ministry one day is never like another. Today was a day of encouragement as it spanned so many different ministries which we have here at St John’s. I am deeply thankful to God that He provides all these opportunities of proclaiming the Gospel.
Our intention today is Walthamstow Hall, a school within the Parish with which we have excellent links. We prayed for the pupils and staff of this excellent school that they may grow in knowledge and the love of God.
After the usual rounds of morning religion, Fr Mark left for our school to lead collective worship. At the same time Jackie came in to organise and lead our Jolly Tots session today focusing on Noah’s Ark to continue the reflection from the first reading of Lent I. While this happened Carol was busy printing more copies of the Parish Magazine (the circulation growing each month – thanks Carol.) I was engaged in a pastoral meeting with someone whom I came in contact with at the hospital, and Fr Mark took the Most Holy to the Alpine Residential to administer the Holy Communion to the residents there.
An hour for a simple lunch and some reading in preparation for Sunday night’s service and off to church. A class from our school came down to reflect about Baptism. This is fitting not only because Lent is the season in which we prepare for this sacrament but also as one of their number will, God willing, be baptised during the Great and Holy Vigil of Easter.
Back home for some more reading which will be followed by Vespers and another meeting that will bring this energising day to an end. – Laus Deo et Maria.

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