Wednesday, 4 March 2009

This afternoon I had a lovely visit from Fr Arnie Klukas. Fr Klukas is Professor of Liturgics and Ascetical Theology at Nashotah House, the Orthodox Anglican Seminary in the United States. He is in Great Britain to have a closer look at Liturgy in Churches, especially those in the Anglo-Catholic tradition.
Fr Klukas visited our church, we spoke about the way we celebrate the Sacraments and how we use our sacred building. It was very refreshing to speak to a very knowledgeable person about the way we celebrate.
We also discussed the bleak picture that people of his tradition are facing in the United States. Please keep Anglo-Catholics in North America in your prayers. Before taking up this post Fr Klukas took a Parish from Keith Ackerman who until recently was bishop of Quincy. Before that he was an Assistant Priest at All Saints Margaret Street in the time of Fr Sparrow and the Christian Institute.
What a lovely person he is and what a pleasant afternoon he offered. I hope that the next time he is in England he will come to celebrate and preach for us.

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Peter Simpson said...

I have very happy memories of Arnie - he was such a cheerful priest. I was living in Margaret Street at the time (in a flat above the Vicarage), and on Boxing Day 1977 I travelled up to Yorkshire with Arnie and his wife (I think she was called Carol) and Sister Judith OHP. Arnie was very interested in architecture, and we broke the journey off in Grantham so as to visit the lovely parish church. We were greeted by a lady inside who seemed to assume we had never stepped foot in a church before (Sister Judith was not wearing her habit). She started to explain what an altar was, who was in the crib, and why the church was decorated in festal array etc. Arnie acted all ignorant, and let her enjoy giving us a Sunday School type lesson. At the end he said 'would you like me to bless you?' It was priceless! The last time I saw him was in 1991 when he visited my flat on Ham Common where I was living at the time. It is good to know that he is still flourishing!