Thursday, 19 March 2009

Where has the week gone? By the help of God and aided by the wonderful discipline of Liturgical and private prayer it has been spent in the work of God. Supported by valuable colleagues in the mission field this week I spent time in schools, in meeting people who live in the Parish but are not church goers, in research for the 5 o’clock Church meetings, in planning ahead and thankfully also in reading for my personal formation. Time was also devoted to spiritual direction.
Church members support the work of God here, it is their mark of commitment, it has been so for years and their enthusiasm for the Faith promises that it will flourish even more in the years to come. I will place them all on the altar tomorrow during the Holy Sacrifice. I feel honoured to be called to serve these people here; it is a joy and a blessing.
At an RE lesson today there was a pupil who will be baptised in the Holy Vigil of Easter. His enthusiasm for being baptised, the joy in his eyes, the thirst he has for Jesus is just pure bliss. Talking to him was a great gift from St Joseph on this his special day.
As today we seek St Joseph’s intercession for the Universal Church I pray that he may cast his eyes on this small but wonderful corner of it.

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