Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The true reality of the Holy Land situation was seen yesterday during the inter-religious debate that the Pope hosted at the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem.
Sadly an uninvited Muslim cleric took the mic and said what he thinks of Israel.
The pity is that a meeting which had to bring different sides together ended in turmoil.
This will not have an effect on the Holy Father's visit and people there are used to these unexpected events, but for us removed from the situation it shows how much our prayers are needed for the Holy Land and the Christians living there.
If such high profile meetings are not respected what chance do the humble Christian families have to be respected?
In the pics you can see the Patriarch stopping the uninvited speaker. You can see the hall at the Notre Dame Centre and finally the lovely Fr Kelly LC who is a beam of sunlight and a breath of fresh air for all the pilgrims who visit the Centre.

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