Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Vienna V

You can imagine the Cathedral Church of St Stephen in Vienna as a building with three main stories, albeit each divided into sub sections. There is the huge roof space, with its workshops, towers, conference centre and bells. There is the main building of the Cathedral where worship is offered, with its chapels, aisles, rooms and sacristies. Below is a crypt and a catacomb with its chapel, burial place for the Hapsburg's, Cardinals, bishops, members of the chapter, and many other people who were laid to rest there during the life of Stephansdom. The pics below come from the crypt.
Above. The final resting place of the Hapsburg's, immediately underneath the High Altar.
Above. The resting place of the Viennese faithful.

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Revd.Deacon Ed Bakker.SSM said...

Hello Father Ian,
I remember this Church well from a visit in 1979, yes a long time, but have never forgotten it. Father, can I be remembered at this Sunday's Mass at Sevenoaks? I will be ordained to the Priesthood this Sunday by Bishop David Chislett in our Auckland Parish and God willing, celebrate my first Mass on the feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

With every good wish to you and all your people.

Revd.Deacon Ed Bakker.SSM
Traditional Anglican Communion in New Zealand