Monday, 6 July 2009

St Maria Goretti V & M

Thankfully, there is the Divine Office. This is the freedom given to us by the Church in order to spend time with our Lord in whom alone we are to hope.
It was a joy to share the Office with Frances our sacristan. As today is the feast of Saint Mary Goretti Virgin and Martyr we had her relic exposed both for Mass and for Vespers. Born in 1890 and martyred at the age of almost 12 in 1902 she stood strong to protect her virginity from the attacks of a lustful young man. Higher still is her stature that lying in hospital after receiving multiple stab wounds, she forgave her rapist. Asked why she resisted her reply was: “For the love of Jesus and to obey the ten commandments.” And this from a 12 year old child – what a witness.
The picture below shows her assailant, years afterwards, a penitent living a holy life.

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