Saturday, 24 October 2009

Back from FiF National Assembly

The National Assembly over, I left the centre very encouraged by the proceedings of the day. Without doubt there is the feeling of the crisis of an answered prayer, and the statement by Rome on Tuesday is just that, an answer to prayer.
In some media (especially the Tablet) it is being said that the Holy Father is opening the door to dissenting Anglicans. Nothing can be further from the truth. The Anglicans who are in awe at the generosity of the Holy Father are assenting Anglicans. They assent to the Faith once delivered to the saints, the Faith of the Gospel which is neither open for negotiatons or change. As Bishop Nazir Ali said to the assembly the Apostolic Tradition and Teaching are there to present the Revelation of God which among other things is corrective of when we get it wrong.
After this conference it must be back to silent reflection, to prayer and to await the Apostolic Constitution and its norms. The journeying Forward in Faith goes on and has never been better. One of the speakers, a Mr James Bradley,said loudly: "Thank you Holy Father!" Amen to that.
You can hear the contributions here.

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