Monday, 26 October 2009

An exhortation from the Global South Anglican

Why do I feel the echo of panic in the voices of the signatories who signed the “A Pastoral Exhortation to the Faithful in the Anglican Communion” yesterday?
The document is signed by the “Global South Primates Steering Committee”, which includes: The Most Revd Peter J. Akinola, Nigeria, The Most Revd Emmanuel Kolini, Rwanda, The Most Revd John Chew, Southeast Asia, The Most Revd Mouneer Anis, Jerusalem and the Middle East, The Most Revd Stephen Than Myint Oo, Myanmar, Bishop Albert Chama, Dean of Central Africa. They would rather have traditionalist Anglicans in America and in the UK to focus on the Anglican Covenant. Are we loosing sight of the real covenant, the one we renew each day in Mass? The covenant in which we are called is signed by the blood of the Lamb and is open for all and taken by many. Why should we narrow down this covenant to Anglicans when we can celebrate it with people who hold the same faith all around the world?
In the exhortation, the steering committee has a few words towards the Holy Father it says: “We welcome Pope Benedict XVI’s stance on the common biblical teaching on human sexuality, and the commitment to continuing ecumenical dialogue.” There is no more ecumenical dialogue; that has gone for ever, why is it so difficult for some to see? What is possible now is co-operation but not communion. I am not settling for second best especially when I hear the priestly prayer of Jesus ordering us to be one.
What is clear in this exhortation is the one issue: the gay issue. Does the Catholic Faith rest on that?
In number 6 of the exhortation we find: “As Primates of the Communion and guardians of the catholic and apostolic faith and order, we stand in communion with our fellow bishops, clergy and laity who are steadfast in the biblical teaching against the ordination of openly homosexual clergy, the consecration of such to the episcopate, and the blessing of homosexual partnerships. We also urge them, as fellow Anglicans, to continue to stand firm with us in cherishing the Anglican heritage, in pursuing a common vocation, in expressing our unity and common life, and in maintaining our covenanted life together.” You see no word about the ordination of woman, no word about Petrine ministry, no word about the vision of unity in Catholic Truth, instead they seem to be interested in a club, a holy huddle of a one issue agenda. “Continue to stand firm with us”, thank you so much but I rather stand firm with Jesus and with Peter.
You can read the exhortation here.

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you...The Global South have much to do regarding dealing with deadly/pogromlike situations on each their own, individual homegrounds...the very idea they would promote ¨difference¨ and pile on with ¨marginalizing¨ speak is obviously another sign of desperation and their lack of basic decency...desperation and arrogance in the face of TRUST in a God who suggests we love one another and not tell falsehoods to one another.