Friday, 2 October 2009

Of Angels

Today we celebrate the feast day of the Holy Guardian Angels. In His loving kindness God has assigned an angel to every human. The angel is given to guide and protect us. Many were the saints who had a deep devotion towards their guardian angel and we do not go wrong if we imitate them in this.

This feast also reminds me that we need to be angels to each other. A year ago today such a person died and joined the choirs of angels. She was an angel to hundreds of Palestinian children. Her name was Alice Sahhar. With her husband she opened her home in Bethany for street children, until her home was not big enough and so they bought more homes. You can imagine the difficulties she faced, but her light was never dimmed. She was a true Christian and the word "never" for her did not exist.

When I visited last February I was delighted to see her daughter Samar taking over with such dedication. I trust Alice still watches over her little ones, maybe her example will encourage others never to say never.

Here is the prayer that Alice was so fond of.

If you are caring for others,God cares for you
As you give your life to others, God blesses you
As you pour out your love, God pours His love to you
God bless and guide you, God strengthen and refresh you.
May God give you courage and hope,
So that His dear loving care is revered through you.

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