Monday, 19 October 2009

Without God We are Nothing

Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney gave a lecture with the above title on 4th October last. He confronted the myth of modern atheism in the first Festival of Dangerous Ideas. In a packed studio at the Sydney Opera House, the archbishop said that recent developments in physics and biology have strengthened the case for God.
The Australian cardinal expressed his ideas in a conference titled "Without God We Are Nothing." It followed a conference by British journalist Christopher Hitchens, a proponent of atheism, whose theme was "Religion Poisons Everything." Cardinal Pell pointed out that science involves the study of physical bodies such as subatomic particles, but to answer the question of why these particles exist, the inquirer must move from physics to metaphysics.
If you would like to read this excellent lecture please click here.


Edwin said...

Thanks for directing us to the very good lecture. +Edwin

Kentish Man said...

As good an antidote to atheism as I can recall reading (which may admittedly not add to a lot)
Thanks, Fr. for the posting