Tuesday, 3 November 2009

All Souls Day

Yesterday, in union with the Universal Church, we celebrated All Souls Day.
The first Mass of the Day was at 9.30am and was followed by a procession to and the blessing of the Garden of Remembrance.
This was followed by Pastoral meetings which led to 1.30pm when pupils from Sevenoaks County Primary came to church for their RE lesson. As ever these pupils are a delight and they were attentive for over an hour as symbols and signs in our holy building and used in our Liturgy were explained.
Thus was the time for Vespers and Rosary followed by the second Mass of the Day at 4pm.
Following Mass and a pleasant chat with those who attended it was a delight to see a new member of our congregation coming to church bringing her parents with her to show them were she worships and where she and her future husband will be baptised, confirmed and married. I thought this was most delightful.
At 8pm we had the Solemn Requiem with the commemoration of the Faithful Departed. It was a moving service for which we were joined by those whose relatives died in the last twelve months. Here are some pictures of the Solemn Requiem.

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