Sunday, 15 November 2009

Dedication Festival

Where does one start? The beauty of the Mass and enthusiasm of the people have covered albeit momentarily the bitter news that came out yesterday as a press release from the CofE’s committee on the admittance of women to the episcopate.(See previous blog entries)
After Mass, several people spoke to me about their serious concern and I felt awful to be in a place in which I had not much to say but to hope in and trust God, and methinks that in itself that is a lot to say and think about. I really believe it. How awful to be given “something” inadequate and flimsy as it might have been to be taken away some weeks later to the delight of the likes of WATCH who cannot hide their triumphalistic mood at least for discretion sake. Someone speaking on their behalf called Christina Rees was reported to say to the telegraph: “"I'm glad that we have not ended up with a political compromise and the committee has instead ceded to the will of the people." That is what the CofE seems to have become, a place where the will of the people is vital, what happened to the will of God as seen in the will of the Universal Church? What about Jesus and his instructing us to pray to God: “Thy will be done” The CofE cannot hide any longer its real intention to unchurch those who like me hold dear what Christians held always and everywhere across the centuries.
The new bishop of Peterborough does not bode any encouragement either. He says here: “Today, I’m happy to attend and lead worship in churches of all traditions, from Anglo-Catholic to New Wine…”  Anglo-Catholic worship is centred on the Real Presence of our beloved Lord in the Eucharist, it holds as fundamental the threefold order and apostolic succession. How can he hold this with integrity while holding opposite views like lay presidency, which means anyone, without ordination, can climb on an altar and celebrate the Mass? His views, if you must read them, can be found here.
I am glad we celebrated our Dedication Festival today, it lifted, even if just a little bit, the spirits. I am grateful to Roger for his excellent homily and for all those who made this bleak Sunday somewhat special and holy. In te Domini speravi, non confundar in aeternum!

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