Thursday, 24 December 2009

Fr Edward Schillebeeckx OP (1914-2009)

As we await the coming of the Beloved and as yesterday we claimed him as God with us (Emmanuel), Fr Edward Schillebeeckx OP, met the risen Lord.(14 November 1914 - 23 December 2009)
Fr Edward was a sincere and joyful academic who was passionate about Jesus and made sure that those around him were imbued with the same love and passion. He never failed to enthuse about one of the mottoes of his order: Veritas – Truth. He inspired many.
About his works and his theological contribution, there are many articles elsewhere. In a recent article about his work, I think in New Blackfriars, there was a phrase saying: “Holding on to the hands of God”. I remember saying to myself that this seems to encapsulate the way he lived his whole life.
May he rest in peace and soon enjoy being totally immersed in God’s arms.

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