Sunday, 17 January 2010

...and (finally) the sun shone!

As the sun shone upon Sevenoaks we were blessed in church with very good numbers for both our Masses.
The Gospel for the day, the wedding of Cana in Galilee, has many rich insights to delight us and to bring to completion the triptych of the Epiphany, the Baptism of the Lord and this wedding.
Indeed we had a very good liturgy as we embark upon the week of Christian Unity.
The notices were dominated by the walk from Sevenoaks to Canterbury to raise the needed funds for the servers’ robes and by our commitment to Walsingham, fifty places booked for the Parish weekend and half way through the bookings for the children’s pilgrimage. One of the parents whose daughter attends one of the schools with which we have an excellent relationship said to me that after they were given the notice for the pilgrimage in school she went straight to her room, fished out the money she got for Christmas and gave it to her to pay for the pilgrimage. It is so moving to see such an action.
Including transportation the cost for each child is almost a £100. The weekend is offered to kids at £30. Some families are not able to pay for that. If you would like to donate anything to give the opportunity to some children to go and experience a weekend in Walsingham please send us you donation, all donations will be gratefully received and acknowledged. (Cheques payable to St John’s Sevenoaks, PCC)
The afternoon I visited the hospital and once more I feel richly blessed to be allowed to visit Christ suffering in his people, their sufferings and their joys fill me with peace and I pray for a special blessing for each one of them. Through the media, we hear of so much negative issues about the NHS. Here at Sevenoaks Hospital I am always full of admiration for the care shown and given by our staff and appreciated by all patients.
Pictures above the church of the wedding feast at Cana in Galilee taken by Claudia.

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