Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Baptism of the Lord

Despite the difficult weather conditions a good number of people who participated in both celebrations.
At the Sung Mass we celebrated the Baptism of Craig and Beverley; it was great to welcome them into the household of Faith. They are now looking forward to be confirmed in June and to celebrate their marriage in September.
After Mass, Douglas kindly removed the Epiphany House as from tomorrow we start Ordinary Time. I was reflecting on the depth there is in this congregation. Even in adverse conditions as those of today, the flowers were made, the sacristy ready, the church cleaned the choir in good numbers, the Eucharistic ministers and sidesmen all present and the coffee rota in place. I was thinking that Craig and Beverley have found a very good family to which to belong.
Afternoon was the usual hospital visit with time with patients and staff. It is no surprise that all patients were asking about the weather conditions outside, with one or two missing their younger days when they had a lot of fun in the snow. A patient pointed to the window showing the snow and said: “So near and yet so far!” Please pray for all those ill and suffering and the good army of people who look after them.
The day comes to an end with a meeting of our youth group. Enjoy the pics of our celebration.

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