Tuesday, 9 February 2010

More from General Synod

I have read and re-read the wide raging presidential address delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury to the General Synod this afternoon. You can find this here.
The Archbishop touches, with his usual depth, on many issues and speaks about seeing things on a three dimensional perspective, that allows one to acknowledge that from where we are we cannot see the whole situation. But when one has been thinking about an issue for years and years I find it difficult to understand that there might be things which we do not see, there are things we do not like to see but I think, as on the issue of admission of women to the episcopate, there must be not many more sides we have not seen and explored. That is why the solution of free dioceses is a way ahead as might be the society model or for those hanging in by their teeth the jurisdiction in Measure, but code of practice? Once again: A code of practice will not do. A code of practice cannot do.
Once again we are faced with a speech that says different things to please/appease different audiences, but I believe that at this time we need more leadership and clarity then words however well crafted these words may be.

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Antonio said...

He has already said (in Rome!) that women ordination "is not an issue", and in this speech he speaks a lot about "diversity", but a kind of diversity that makes unity impossible.