Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Welsh logo

In the UK we always said that the mess in which the American Episcopal ecclesial community finds itself will never be repeated here. We look at their lawsuits, Christians dragging Christians to court, and recoil in horror. Many British senior clerics on all sides of all arguments have said that they will never allow that to happen here.
Well if you believe that…just recently the Friends of the Ordinariate put a web site for those from the British Isles who would like more information about this development. Members of the Church in Wales are free to join and to be proud of their heritage. and see how this can contribute towards the Ordinariate. But not so the Welsh powers to be, they have threatened with legal action and there you go: courts. See the story by Damian Thompson here.
Barry and his chums have been pleased to see Welsh-Catholics suffer in not appointing  for them a successor for a bishop to look after them. Barry and his chums are so bitter that they did not have it their way in whatever kind of synod they assembled to vote in wiminbishopesses. Barry and his chums will do whatever it takes to make life hard for Welsh-Catholics. Now if they are ready to take Anglo-Catholics to court for the use of a logo (used in a non-profit scenario and also for members of that Church) what will they do to those who will try and take with them a building? Fear not: liberals like Barry will follow their idols in the States. I am sure that in these financially difficult times Barry & Co will find all the necessary money to waste on legal fees, that for them, I am sure, are more important then Gospel work and principles.

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