Friday, 19 March 2010

St Joseph's Day

And so the Episcopal ecclesial communion in the United States has decided to ignore the advice given by all the Anglican Churches and for yet another time has taken a deliberate decision to put in peril the Anglican Fellowship. This regards the election of a lesbian "cleric" as "bishop" in that body. The Archbishop of Canterbury (as stated in The Times) has said in a statement from Lambeth that he regrets this appointement and added that this will have "important implications", whatever they mean for him.
As far as I can see the Episcopal ecclesial communion of the United States has had time to set its house in order and work in partnership with the rest of the Church, but when the language used between them is to drag each other to secular courts, it was clear that there was no hope to achieve this. The election of Ms Glasspool as "bishop" has shown beyond any doubt that the Episcopalians of America want to severe all ties with the rest of the Church and are not in communion with anyone else, in fact as far as I see it they have broken communion with the Anglican Church without using these words; I trust that these are the implications to which the Archbishop of Canterbury refers to.
The glorious St Joseph is Patron of the Universal Church, to him we entrust our broken communion, the Universal Church and the pastures to which the Holy Spirit might be leading us to.

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