Monday, 5 April 2010

Good Friday in Jerusalem

In the afternoon of Good Friday (remember because of the Status Quo the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified is celebrated in the morning) the Friars of the Custodia assemble at the altar of the apparition in the Basilica of the Anastasis. There they reflect on Matthew's account of the dialogue between the Master and Iscariot during the Last Supper.
Chanting the Lenten Prose they process to the chapel of the robe of Christ where the account of Jesus in front of Annas and Caiphas is read. Going to the chapel of the column of flagellation the trial in front of Pilate is reflected upon. From there the procession moves to the chapel of the nailing of Jesus to the cross where the gospel describing the way of the Cross is proclaimed.
The procession moves to Calvary. After the passion Gospel, two deacons, acting as Joseph and Nicodemus, take down reverently the body of Christ from the cross and carry the image in procession to the stone of the unction where the image is anointed. The procession moves to the Holy Sepulchre where the image is "buried" in the sacred tomb.

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