Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A horrific story and our vote

The Bishops of the Catholic Church in England and Wales have issued an excellent document called: “Choosing the Common Good.” This document (available for free at the back of Church or downloadable here) exists to enable people to reflect before casting the vote. For us Christians voting is an imperative, it is what is due to Cesar; it is also what is due to those who live next to us as we have at heart the common good of all and not only of Christians. The question is who to vote for or better still if we can trust what those who are seeking election are saying.
Firstly, let us use the principle suggested by St Ignatius Loyola to give the benefit of the doubt and seek the better part in people. Yes, candidates do try to say things as we would like to hear them but we should not dismiss people as quickly as many seem to do nowadays. Candidates are offering themselves and we need to choose carefully who of them is going to represent us. The document mentioned above will help.
I also found this website helpful. It lists the candidates who have made the pledge to 'respect, uphold and protect the right of Christians to hold and express Christian beliefs and act according to Christian conscience'. We need to vote as loyal subjects and as Christians, we need to see if it is possible to elect as many Christians as possible or at least as many sympathetic MP’s as possible. A key issue to look into (and this is the best time to raise these issues with the candidates) is the respect of life from conception to natural death. The Telegraph has a horrifying story here. I never understood the advocates of abortion and I never will. Abortion horrifies me, it is the crime of Herod still going on, it is a most heinous offence against God and a crime that sadly happens to be legalised. Do read that story, and do make your British vote a Christian one too.

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