Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pilgrimage to Canterbury

What a joyful occasion was the start of the pilgrimage to Canterbury.
Eight members of this congregation accompanied by supporters took part in the morning Mass. After Communion the pilgrims received a special blessing and a medal with the words: Verbum Dei Caro Factum Est; The Word was made Flesh. This is to remind them that this pilgrimage is a reflection of the pilgrimage of life, and the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity became flesh to share it with us. His saints and Martyrs reflect his glory in their flesh and hopefully this same glory will shine through these pilgrims.
The Mayor of Sevenoaks, Councillor Anne Dawson, came to wish them well and walked the first part of the pilgrimage with them.
The pilgrims were waved off by the supporters and some of the patrons. We wish them well and hope that they are preserved from all harm during this journey which will end on Saturday. During this week they will be joined by other pilgrims who are not able to do the whole journey.

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