Sunday, 30 May 2010

Trinity Sunday

Today we had the joy of welcoming Chad Hart to St John’s. Chad is a seminarian at Nashotah House in the USA and he is with us for the month of June to experience Anglo-Catholicism in the UK. Chad is an enthusiastic and warm person and I hope that his time here will be happy and fruitful.

Both Masses were well attended today as we joined the whole Church in worshiping our God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
After lunch Chad and I went to do the hospital rounds. I was impressed by an elderly and frail gentleman who said to me that now it is difficult for him to read, so he just spends two minutes reading the Bible, “...and the rest of the day in meditation, Scripture is an ocean of love you know...”. That is just wonderful, I feel so blessed by this man and I ask you to say a prayer for him.

Hospital visit over we went to Church for Rosary and the recitation of Vespers. Many people from this Parish will be off to Walsingham tomorrow for the National Pilgrimage. We hope to keep you updated if we can. I shall certainly pray for the visitors of this blog.

PS I am sorry that we do not have a photo of Chad but hope to rectify that by tomorrow.

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