Monday, 2 August 2010

St Dominic in Valletta

The patronal festival of St Dominic in Valletta spanned a whole week of festivities and reached its zenith yesterday.
On Friday night after Mass a statue of St Dominic was carried along the main streets of the city accompanied by band marches. Around midnight it was hoisted upon a large pedestal to the delight of all those present.
Saturday morning the King’s Own Band Club delighted the crowds in the city with their musical ability whilst in the evening the bishop of Tirhana in Albania, Fr George Frendo OP led the translation of the relic of St Dominic from an Oratory to the Parish Church.
Sunday morning the Archbishop of Malta Fr Paul Cremona OP, born and bred in the parish, led the Pontifical High Mass, despite the heat the Basilica was fully packed with crowds of devotees led by the President of the Republic of Malta and many other dignitries.
The evening drew even larger crowds to witness the solemn procession with the venerable image of the saint venerated in the Mother Church of the city.
It is very encouraging to see people flock in great numbers  to celebrate the life of a great saint and to see them asking his intercession and learning how to follow in his footsteps.
Many people work hard all year round to produce such a great week and they are ably served  by the learned and dedicated community of Friars led by the Prior, Fr Henry Abela OP and the Parish Priest, Fr Tonio Mallia Milanes OP.
Enjoy the pics!

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