Friday, 6 August 2010

The Transfiguration of the Lord

The Parish Church of Lija, Malta
The feast of the Transfiguration, known here in Malta as the feast of the Most Holy Saviour, is a feast of hope. Humanity, in Christ alone, can be transfigured from glory into glory. The face of the Beloved irradiates with Love as that holy face is the face of humanity in its fullness when it stands in front of God.
We pray that the Holy Face shines in our lives so that we too can reflect the glory of the Incarnate Lord to those around us.
We pray for the Church too, especially the Church of England, that it may hear the voice of God instructing us to listen to the Beloved in whom God is pleased.
The beautiful village of Lija in Malta celebrates with great rejoicing this holy event. Enjoy the pics!

High Altar


Sacred Vessels

Processional torches with personal coat of arms for parish clergy

Statue of The Most Holy Saviour

Triumphal Arch

Illuminated church


Spectacular fireworks

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