Sunday, 1 August 2010

XVIII Sunday of the Year

This morning Fr Barry Compton celebrated the 8am and 10am Mass, and preached at both. It was very good to have him with us, and to benefit from his wise words - especially his defence of the game of Conkers.

The congregation was smaller than usual - not least due to the absence of the choir, many of whom are in France this weekend. Nonetheless the Mass was celebrated with the usual Sevenoaks aplomb, and everyone seemed in good heart over coffee and tea afterwards. Those who are away on holiday were remembered in the intercessions and we look forward to hearing all about their trips to places farflung and near!

This afternoon I'll be taking Holy Communion up to some of the patients in the hospital. This is, I have to say, one of the best parts of my 'job'. After an initial hesitancy on my part, it has become a real joy to visit people in hospital and to pray with them and for them. Do offer a prayer for them, and for the excellent staff - at least one of whom was at Mass this morning before another shift.

After that I'll be heading up to England's Nazareth (Walsingham) for a short visit - I'll hold you all in my prayers there and hope to 'blog' something from the Norton Rooms over a lovely piece of cake and a cup of tea. Not the Bull. Honest. Really.

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