Wednesday, 15 September 2010

24 hours to go...

The Triumph of Faith
Empty vessels make most sound is a saying that keeps coming back to me when the squeaks of fascist-like-liberals manage to get an airing in some quarters of the media especially as they exercise their much loved sports of Christianophobia, Catholic and Pope hatred. I am not very worried about what they plan to do; I have it from the highest authority that he (Benedict XVI) is Peter and the gates of hell will not and cannot prevail, let alone the Thatchells and Dawkinsis of this world.

These people try their best to damage the faith by attacking individuals, their prized victim being Benedict XVI himself. Criticism of the Church is always important especially when it gets it so wrong as it did in the disgusting and horrible cases of that small number of clergy who abused minors. However these individuals are not after genuine criticism of the Church but lust after its destruction...their disappointment will be so bitter! They are not the first nor the only not even the last. Their words will betray them and through their squeaky and vain words they will serve to bring more people to the faith. These people attack the faith so that they can silence their own consciences. The Pope will proclaim the shining truth of the Gospel and people will see for themselves. One only hopes that the media will stop affording so much space to such a small number of militant and mindless pseudo-secularists.

I look forward to extend a warm welcome to the Holy Father; I am one of millions who intend to do so in the next few days. I am glad that a good number from this Parish will be in Hyde Park on Saturday.

In the Christian family there is a huge re-alignment going on.

On one hand there are those who want to capitulate to the spirit of this age, who water down the Gospel so that they become “relevant” – whatever that may mean. These are the ones who will want to “engage” with the empty vessels mentioned above rather then call them what they are. These are the liberals who have hijacked General Synod of the CofE and whose presence is causing acute illness to the whole fabric of the CofE so much so that some have no option but to leave and others see their leaving as a calling from above, a grace and joy to be embraced whatever the cost.

On the other hand are those who are so brilliantly represented by Pope Benedict, they are those who stand up for Jesus, who hold that the words of the Beloved Lord are not negotiable, who appreciate the faith to be cherished and passed on and not to be obscured by the cancer of relativism. These are present in all the Christian family whatever denomination and joyfully believe that any cure for the darkness of sin in any age is the pure light of Christ, that light we receive in the Easter Vigil. In humility and awe we allow this light  to enlighten our minds and all that is around us.

Protestors and Pope-bashers at best will try to deflect attention from the light of Christ that the Pope is going to hold in front of our nation and state church in these coming days. The Light of Christ does not need to be defended, but it needs co-operators to allow it to shine. So let us welcome the Pope and let us listen to what he has to say directly from him.

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